Willamette Valley welcomes wolves?

This letter is in response to Rob Klavins, of Oregon Wild. I would like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to trap four breeding pairs of wolves and bring them to the west side of the valley between Salem and Portland.

These wolves are highly adaptable and will fit into that ecosystem with ease. They will feed on anything that they can to survive. I think our friends and neighbors on the west side should experience these predators on a firsthand basis, and then people will know what they are talking about when they address this issue.

Greg Fischer


Union County, Ore.

Let's get rid of Vilsack

Organic fund? How many people are going to buy into this ploy to appease the organic community -- both growers and consumers? (See "Vilsack floats organic fund," on the front page of the April 8 edition of the Capital Press.)

What an abomination! That is obviously just chatter. First he releases genetically modified alfalfa seed to be planted and then he says, "It might be possible to create an insurance fund to compensate organic growers that have been hurt by the drift of GMO seed into their fields."

Vilsack: It is not just seeds we are talking about, it is drifting pollen. GMO pollen has contaminated fields a long way from where the plants are grown. Alfalfa can adulterate organic fields at least as far as 5 miles away. And what does this do to the organic dairy industry that feeds alfalfa? It is a well-know scientific fact that many organic fields have already been contaminated.

Vilsack is in Monsanto's pocket. He flew around on their jets before becoming ag secretary, he has promoted GMOs and won awards for doing so, while in the meantime the public is waking up, sadly, slowly, to the fact that GMOs are not good for anybody.

There has never been any long-term research showing that GMOs are safe. There are folks now protesting against them. The EU has long been a nonproponent. Americans are finally realizing what Monsanto is doing to us and the environment.

What Monsanto is really doing is making it so eventually everything will be (contaminated with) GMOs and it will be impossible to grow anything organically. Think about it. Contamination is an intentional strategy by both the government in the Vilsack-Monsanto connection and the conventional food industry. There is contamination by pollen and processing. The organic industry is already struggling with how to deal with the fact that a lot of organically grown foods now have small amounts of GMOs in them. This is untenable.

Jolly Hibbits

Bandon, Ore.

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