Regarding Francine Madden’s position as “wolf mediator” (“Money Runs Out for Contract,” Capital Press, July 13), is this bureaucratic insanity on steroids? Flushing more than $1.7 million away on a facilitator to have people counseled about their wolf problems is no way to deal with wolves.

Moreover, how effective is this $1.7 million worth of counseling when a major stakeholder, Cattle Producers of Washington, walked out of the advisory group in 2015? The only solution to the wolf problem is to ship the wolves back to their natural habitat — Alaska and Canada.

Problem wolves are often targeted as uniquely destructive to cattle and other livestock. But all wolves are problem wolves. All wolves are large carnivores and must eat in order to survive and all wolves will seek out the weakest prey — livestock — which are often fenced, innately slow and no match for these predators. And humans hiking in the mountains without weapons are no match for these predators either.

No amount of counseling, collaborating and advising will solve this problem.

It’s time to quit playing “Kumbaya” with the wolf problem. It’s time to remove wolves from the Pacific Northwest.

Patricia Michl

Waterville Wash.

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