I couldn’t help but chuckle as I read the headline of your article, “Some wolves may have become ‘habituated’ to eating cattle.”

Gee, do you really think that is possible? Oh, now I remember, that is why our ancestors eliminated them from the landscape a hundred years ago or so. Back then there was even more wild game available for the wolves to hunt, yet they chose to attack livestock.

I do believe that wolves have a place in the ecosystem, but the only way that wolves will come to respect (fear) people is if we kill some of them. They are a top predator by nature, and only then will they realize that they are subordinate to us.

They kill for a living, and that is the language they understand best.

By the way, opinion is not a reflection on Eric’s writing, as I enjoy his articles and believe he is one of your best.

Denver Johnston

Scott Bar, Calif.

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