I am a Capital Press (CP) subscriber and have been a “user” for most of the 40 plus years I have lived in Salem.

I was heartened by reading the column by Mark Reynolds and appreciated the chronology he provided as well as the apt analogy of a “Pearl Harbor moment.”

I am pleased that the CP included the column as action on climate is still way too limited from my perspective. Yet the “promotion” of efforts to even recognize there is an “issue” regarding climate seems foreign to the actions of the current administration. I view many of the climate-related actions of the Trump administration as destructive to the world’s environmental future. Therefore, I cannot be as hopeful as Mr. Reynolds, despite what he sees as multiple shifts in the “right” direction.

However, just the CP’s printing the column is a big step and I thank you for providing it.

Russ Graham

Salem, Ore.

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