My heart broke and my life changed forever. I was devastated when I was forced to close all operations of Schumacher Furs USA, after over 100 years in operation. My wife and I, our family, employees and customers were terrorized for two straight years by animal rights activists.

Instead of having assistance from law enforcement, industry organizations or even the courts, we had to hire private security 24/7 to keep us safe. I can’t begin to tell what these extremists, terrorists did to us, but we accumulated over 360 hours of audio/video footage, mostly of illegal protesting.

After years of recovery from the trauma, I researched deeply how the animal rights terrorists might be successfully countered. Having found the key, my wife, Linda, and I decided to dedicate our lives to addressing this issue. We want to prevent other animal usage businesses from experiencing what we endured.

Stop Animal Rights Extremists (SARE) is a nonprofit organization in Washington D.C. We are active, not passive! In taking the offensive by exposing animal rights extremism, we are building a coalition of animal usage industries as well as those in the general public who are fed up with animal right activists’ behavior. Along with the exposure, we are providing access to attorneys and security personnel. This combination will root out the lying, greedy, people-hating organizations and, hopefully, we can all go back to doing what we do best — our jobs.

No industry, acting alone, can stop the animal rights movement. We must act together. Stand up and fight back! There is no other option.

SARE Solutions educates the public about the difference between animal rights and animal welfare. We support animal welfare. We are a coalition of animal use enterprises and business owners who use ethical strategies to expose the radical animal rights groups’ agenda. We are a member–based organization formed to counter — through public exposure — animal rights extremism/terrorism in media, legislation and education, both nationally and globally.

Gregg Schumacher

Founder and President

SARE Solutions

Washington, D.C.

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