As a farm boy now living and working in the city, I love reading the Capital Press and appreciate its perspectives, even if I don’t agree with each one. But, I have to call out the excuses you make for the president in your editorial “Perdue offers help for farmers caught up in trade wars” — because, in this instance, you are undermining farmers’ interests.

Indeed, as you say, “unfolding events can be complicated and rarely conspire with sitting presidents.” But the tariffs now hitting American farmers did not come from “unfolding events;” they are the direct result of the president’s poor decisions. Donald Trump pulled us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and started these trade wars, no one else.

We need a NAFTA update. We need to continue to find ways to combat unfair Chinese trade practices. We need to look for ways to aid American workers and farmers hit hard by globalization. But, the Capital Press would better serve its readers by calling a spade a spade: Donald Trump does not understand trade, does not have a strategy for improving it, and has made the trade situation much, much worse.

Thank you,

Paul Mortimer

Portland, Ore.

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