I recently read the article in your paper about the issues at the West Coast container terminals. I was amused and mad at the same time. I do not know what is going on as far as their contract negotiations but there was a paragraph statement that the longshoreman “deny any work slowdown, that the congestion at the ports and the boats being delayed is a shortage of trucks.”

I am a truck driver and deliver containers to the ports. In the last two weeks I have lost six loads due to unexpected closures and slowdowns at the ports. I also would like to know if it is a shortage of trucks why are we blocking roadways and delaying traffic in Seattle and Tacoma because we have not been allowed into the port and have nowhere else to park and wait for our entry?

I have been asking and getting no answers: “When is enough, enough?”

I am not a union worker and never will be! They have lied about what is going on, there is no regard for anyone but themselves. There is no thought to all the things they are affecting! World trade, our own economy, nothing is of concern to them except their own well-being which isn’t too bad to begin with.

I saw this article and thought it could be my chance to get an answer to my question. Or at least feel that I made some move to change something. Thank you for your time.

Shane Feekes

Ellensburg, Wash.

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