A recent piece in the Capital Press quoting a representative of the Wheat Growers wrongly states the position of the Washington Policy Center is, “Take away subsidies, take away crop insurance, take away the conservation titles,” saying, “I haven’t heard them come forth with a solution.”

Before publicly releasing our policy proposals, we shared them with those who would be most affected — the Wheat Growers — and asked for feedback. Having reviewed our recommendations, she knows we are not proposing removing farm protections. The Wheat Growers also ignored published research on our website where we recommend “policymakers create a (Farm) Bill that encourages self-reliance and work while offering the insurance needed by farmers who face uncertainty from many quarters.”

At our recent Solutions Summit, although the Wheat Growers chose not to participate, panelists recommended increasing spending for agricultural research. Those who attended learned that our panel offered a diversity of views and proposals on the Farm Bill.

It’s hard to understand this level of inaccuracy after inviting the Wheat Growers’ feedback and participation in our event. She literally had the truth of our recommendations in black and white.

Madi Clark

Washington Policy Center

Kennewick, Wash.

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