Regarding your opinion on managing forests, which was excellent, a correction needs to be made that it was President Clinton and Vice President Gore that led and created the “NW Plan” that reduced forest management by 85 percent in California, Oregon and Washington.

Subsequent presidents did nothing to alter that fact while every single year throughout only the Northwest, approximately 4 billion to 5 billion board-feet of growth continued to add fuels for eventual fires — fires that we are now experiencing.

Yes, national parks and monuments are burning, too, but that is expected where “preservation policies are followed by law.”

That is not the case on our national forests and lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, yet the NW Plan so restricted management under the premise “it was to protect the spotted owl” that fires are now burning those habitats by the thousands of acres.

We need to manage our federal forests on a landscape or watershed scale by treatments that alter continuous fuel patterns and provide improved wildlife habitat! It can easily be done with congressional action.

By the way, I am a former forest supervisor, including two decades of firefighting plus National Fire Team experience.

Ted Stubblefield

Ridgefield, Wash.

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