In the Capital Press Ag Weekly June 8 issue, Carol Dumas reports that RaboResearch recommends that the “dairy industry” get into “the alternative dairy markets”, i.e.; the milk-free alternative dairy markets.

Rabo not only promotes the “dairy industry” over dairy farmers and the milk they make, Rabo fails to understand the basic purpose of dairy farmer member owned cooperatives, when they allege, “ is the responsibility of the co-op to find a home for their (member) milk.”

Not true!

The purpose of every dairy farmer member-owned co-op is to both pay to its members a milk price greater than the member dairy farmer’s average cost to make the milk and profitably sell any products made with member milk and share these profits with the co-op members.

It is universally recognized that the milk price is given by the marketplace and that the volume of milk delivered to the marketplace is the fundamental driver of the milk price.

The marketplace will give a profitable milk price when the milk supply is balanced with profitable demand.

The existing management of most, if not all, dairy farmer member-owned co-ops have encouraged and accommodated maximum, excess milk production rather than disciplined, profitable milk production that is balanced with profitable demand.

Obviously, existing co-op management is following RaboResearch’s recommendations and pursuing their own best interests as the “dairy industry” over the best interests of the dairy farmer co-op member-owners.

Dairy farmer: Want a co-op that supports your member-owner best interests?

Join and implement NDPO’s co-op management policies, which will allow you to share in balancing the milk supply with profitable demand, to receive a profitable price for your milk and preserve as many existing dairy farm families as possible regardless of size or location.

To learn more about NDPO’s co-op management policies, contact Mike Eby, Chairman, (717) 799-0057,, or like us on Facebook-National Dairy Producers Organization, or

Bob Krucker

Jerome, Idaho

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