Do you believe we will benefit with the passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaties? This is not free or fair trade, as they us to believe. It is a means to destroy our form of limited government, our sovereignty and merge us into the EU.

Under the jurisdiction of their tribunals, Country of Origin Labels that are legal in the U.S. would be denied so we could not call for labeling of Vietnamese catfish.... We would be denied our firearms and eventually property ownership.

If you think this is just a story, do some research. Even some of our legislators who are not in the group of 35 committed to pass these treaties are denied access to the full context of these treaties. But those organizations/corporations furthering this agenda have special passwords to the full information.

The TPN promotional group has a goal to implement these treaties in 2015. For a year or more I have been contacting my legislators, but I am only one and it takes all of us to voice our concerns and hold them accountable. The New American magazine has information about this at

We are not paying attention to the destructive forces attacking our nation and freedoms. The people in Europe are rising against their control. We can stop it now in our nation by contacting our legislators, voicing our concerns and holding them accountable. We owe it to our freedom, future, nation and our posterity.

Mrs. M.A. Novak


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