What’s missing in the Draft North Cascades Elk Herd Plan (Capital Press Sept. 1)? Obeying the law?

The draft just lists problems absent any workable solutions. Not one word in draft on how the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) plans to obey RCW 77.04.012, which mandates DFW elk shall not infringe on the right of a private property owner to control the owner’s private property.

Not one word how DFW plans to prevent potential loss to the beef and dairy industry from spread of elk hoof rot now confirmed in the county.

Not one word on safety and welfare concerns of their own mismanaged elk, some inflicted and suffering with deadly hoof rot disease. Again no solutions. After 15 years of elk suffering from hoof rot still no answers in southwest Washington.

Not one workable solution on how DFW intends to cut 90 elk/vehicle collisions per year by 50 percent in 5 years.

Not one word how DFW plans to fully compensate landowners for damages caused by elk intrusions on the valley agriculture floor or highway elk/vehicle collisions from Sedro Woolley to Concrete and Sedro Woolley to Acme.

DFW’s present compensation method pays a very small percent of actual damages. Efforts to achieve full compensation are impossible because of meaningless bureaucratic red tape.

For 7 years I have been unable to raise beef cattle on 40 acres of my farm, resulting in a large net loss of farm income due to elk continuously damaging fences. DFW refuses to compensate for these damages. We are liable to keep our beef cattle off the highway and neighbors’ properties. Shouldn’t DFW be held to same standard?

Citizens have to obey the law. Shouldn’t DFW obey the law RCW77.04.012? State law mandates it.

Randy Good

Sedro Woolley, Wash.

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