I find it appalling that the director of the dept of wildlife, Kelly Susewind, is ignoring the governor’s directive to curtail the killing of wolves in order to protect cattle.

Wolves are one of Washington’s most iconic and beloved animals. They are not vicious as the ranchers would have you believe. They kill to eat and if ranchers are hogging all public land for their cattle to graze then it’s wrong! Cattle can be replaced. Ranchers are well compensated. But when wolves are over hunted they can never be replaced. How many are too many? 100?

They deserve to live protected. Washington has thousands of acres of land where cattle and wolves do not have to come into contact.

Move the cattle or fence them in. Mr. Susewind, your job is to protect Washington’s wildlife and not fill the pockets of ranchers!

Linda Pizzolla

Flushing, N.Y.

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