This is in response to the article on Impossible Foods. If these fake, highly processed, chemically laden concocted substances are what they want to call food, then count the majority of America out. America already did this in the 1940s with highly processed vegetable oils (corn oil, soy, cotton, margarines, Crisco, etc). High temperature processing, which involves alkaline chemicals, deodorizing, bleaching and hydrogenation, transforming a dark gunk into a product suitable for its initial use, candles.

With electricity they had to figure out what to do with this expensive processing in which they had invested heavily. Abracadabra! Feed the oil to the people using clever marketing. Chronic disease such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, Alzheimer’s, obesity and immune disease have increased lockstep with the increase in vegetable oil consumption!

Now you want to get rid of all animals, and you call them "unnecessary technology!" Seriously? They have been on earth since the beginning of time feeding mankind. Beef and all other ruminant animals eat forage that no other animals are able to convert in human food, besides being great fire preventers by eating the underbrush in woods. What about goats, sheep, elk, deer, are they on the chopping block?

There is a natural balance with animals and Nature, each nurturing the other. The hundreds of millions of buffalo that roamed the Great Plains for centuries bear this out.

Several points here: You are entitled to your opinion, but this is still, at this moment America. You do not get to force your your will on others and dictate what we can or cannot eat. I think you have spent to much time in a lab and need to get out in nature and see what really happens. A little cow (manure) is good for educating oneself with truth. I doubt people would readily buy if they knew all the chemicals, and processing to make GMO grains taste and chew like meat!

I believe what you are doing is destructive and unnecessary for humanity. Vegetarianism has always been available for those who prefer not to eat meat. You are trying to force a concoction for people who do want meat but have been told bald faced lies that they are harming the environment.

Your demeanor smacks of Marxism. What billionaire is investing in this as I want to make sure he is eating it.

Farmers 'til the cows come home,

Steve and Carole Landt

Reardan, Wash.

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