Say it. Let it roll off your tongue. “Sabotage.”

Definition: “Deliberate damage to productive capacity, esp. as a political act” (Oxford).

That’s what’s happening to Douglas County and that’s what’s happening to Oregon. It’s happening throughout this nation, to all of our great cities, and it’s happening on our southern border. Sabotage is happening in the halls of Congress ... in “the people's house.” People who profess to want what is best for all of us are actually “saboteurs,” and they’re in our house ... like rats in the walls. They have only one intention: to “destroy; spoil; make useless” (Oxford).

These people are “saboteurs” and what they are doing is not complicated. It’s devious, but it’s not complicated. It’s “treachery,” and it is “treason”, but it’s not hard to figure out. It’s just the old “bait and switch.” A repeat of the old “first you break it and then you fix it.” It’s really just a “marketing ploy,” driven by an insatiable desire for power. It’s a power-grab.

Wise-up, rural communities. Our loss of services and our decaying infrastructures are not an unfortunate accident. These things are the inevitable result of an intentional form of attrition. This is the third or fourth phase of a very well-formulated plan ... a plan to fundamentally destroy our counties’ resource- based economies and force us to become reliant upon the Federal Government and on federal grants that are given “under certain conditions” (quid pro quo). You agree to this and we will give you that.

Our county commissioners are being strong-armed into agreeing to terms that most of us would find appalling if we actually understood what they are “signing away.” This is “sabotage.” Read the definition again.

The Democrat Party is playing host to the most insidious “political act” of all time... “Sabotage.”

Todd Vaughn

Tiller, Ore.

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