Two articles, one in the Jan. 18 Capital Press, “A Wall Doesn’t Solve the Immigration Issue,” and the Jan. 25 issue, “The Wolves Are Coming to Town,” both show the lack of concern for the safety of the American citizens and the ignorance of constitutional laws.

Rep. Sherry Templeton’s bill to stop the killing of wolves is mind-boggling. Maybe she should be treed by wolves, as was a forest agent recently.

As for the wall, if the legislators would enforce immigration laws, there would not be a need for the wall. Why won’t they allow money for the wall? It’s our money, as we pay all of the bills, salaries and funds to other nations and, all owing to a former president, give $100 billion to the U.N. for their discretion every year without legislative objections, but nary a dollar for a wall.

Maybe we should have them live near the border where, as related by a citizen, they place a loaded shotgun at each entrance and carry loaded guns for self-protection. At night, they do not venture outdoors.

The legislators are not above the law and do ignore the law of the land. Why are we allowing this? We provide all the money. As citizens, it is our duty to have them toe the line. It takes all of us to demand the constitutional laws are upheld. We need to get busy to avert the devils befalling us.

Mrs. M.A. Novak

Yamhill, Ore.

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