I enjoyed reading your opinion piece in the April 2 Capital Press about hard truths that need to be said/echoed.

As a West Point grad, Army veteran, clean energy executive and dad of four amazing kids, we need to bring some sanity back to government/politics — "people must be heard"/"no elected official should be allowed to rule indefinitely be decree."

My electeds including Congressman Kurt Schrader seem out of touch/lost when it comes to what is important to the working/middle-class bearing the tax brunt and getting little in return. With the administrative state, legislatures are avoiding their responsibility and have delegated their power in representing us.

At the tip of the spear are public schools opening full-time. Currently, 6 hours a week is a far cry from over 30 hours that was normal before the pandemic and that is already at the bottom of the list nationally. Then there is trillions in spending, freedoms taken away/government takeover of our lives without debate/discourse/laws, businesses closed. "New normal" looks like "old crazy" to me.

Anyhow, keep it up; good to read. Hopefully it helps educate and motivate oblivious people to get off the sidelines and get involved to push back on teachers' unions and overwhelming liberal Democrats monopolizing power in Oregon, unresponsive to what matters at the grassroots level as our state and nation continue to decline.

Nate Sandvig

Neskowin, Ore.

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