Moderation in all things — a rule for life, for the marketplace and for the dairy farmer. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

In the U.S., the marketplace is the only source of fair, profitable milk prices — but it requires compliance with basic, universal marketplace supply/demand economics upon which most businesses depend.

For years, the dairy milk marketplace has been telling dairy farmers and their co-op management that dairy farmer unprofitable milk prices are caused by the oversupply of milk exceeding profitable demand.

The U.S. dairy farmer’s ability to make milk exceeds anyone’s ability to create profitable demand for the milk.

While no individual dairy farmer is an independent island of supply, dairy farmer co-op owner members together make and handle 85% of U.S. made milk and with proper co-op management, co-op members can cooperatively share in balancing their co-op milk intake with profitable demand for member milk and receive a profitable milk price from the marketplace.

But in contrast, existing co-op management have implemented co-op policies that use dairy farmer money to encourage and accommodate a continuing milk supply in excess of profitable demand to achieve management’s only goal of increasing market share and dairy sales for management’s own financial benefit at the expense of their member dairy farmer’s milk price.

Most remaining dairy farmers can receive a fair and profitable milk price from the marketplace if they choose to change their co-op management personnel and/or policies to those that will continuously balance co-op milk intake with profitable demand for member milk by implementing NDPO’s co-op management policies.

To learn more about NDPO’s co-op management policies, which will balance the milk supply with profitable demand and provide a profitable milk price from the marketplace for most remaining dairy farmers, contact Mike Eby, NDPO Chairman, (717) 799-0057,, or like us on Facebook — National Dairy Producers Organization, or

Bob Krucker

Dairy farmer

Jerome, Idaho

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