Are we humans expendable and the animals to be revered? (Nov. 23 Capital Press)

Then why are we paying all the bills, salaries and retirement to the government, which should protect its citizens? One of the legislators would love to see some wolves in Virginia some day. I am sure we would gladly accommodate him right now. Seems they care not for the losses the ranchers endure to provide each of us and them with food.

Are they in these areas to see that we humans are also their prey? Evidenced recently by a forest worker who was treed by a wolfpack at the base.

And no, we aren’t the idiots — as stated by a legislator, but doesn’t it take an idiot to know one? What a comment to make by an elected official.

They say the wolves are good for safety as they prey on the overpopulation of deer, which are running rampant and causing accidents. Then, please, tell me why pronged deer are in the main streets of Klamath Falls and the residents there, in Wisconsin and other areas have them in their gardens and yards and have to clean up after them and are not allowed to even use a pellet gun to scare them off for fear of a citation and judgment.

It’s only my opinion but it seems we need a cleansing in our legislative department. And, as a punishment for unaccountability, take away their retirement and have them rely on Social Security as we do and endure the same hardships they have imposed on us citizens.

Mary A. Novak

Yamhill, Ore.

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