Below is a link to the newest publication from the Western Landowners Alliance entitled “Reducing Conflict with Grizzly Bears, Wolves and Elk — A Western Landowners’ Guide.”

In this guide, WLA offers the collective knowledge and hands-on experience of over 30 land, livestock and resource managers constructively engaged in one of the greatest conservation challenges of our time: how to share and mange a wild, working landscape that sustains both people and wildlife.

The full guide is available for free download.

As a subscriber to Capital Press, I frequently read stories you publish concerning conflicts between wildlife and land owners. All too often, the story indicates shooting the wildlife, and perhaps wholesale elimination, is the only viable resolution. The WLA guide offers alternatives. I strongly encourage you to make your readers aware of this resource so they can learn of alternatives adopted by others.

In addition, WLA is facilitating a conflict reduction network to connect collaborative, conflict mitigation efforts and partners across the West. More information is available at its website

Thank you.

Pam Dugger

Grand View, Idaho

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