The “Green New Deal” appears too similar to Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward,” which he initiated after he came into power in 1948. His goal was to transform industry and collectivize farms.

It was an economic, social, political and human disaster. Tens of millions of people, mostly poor rural residents, died of starvation.

Mao’s solution was to initiate the Great Proletariat and Cultural Revolution from 1966 until 1976. This was to re-educate the people to the communist-socialist ways. In total, some 70 million people died at the hands of Mao.

When I was in China after Mao’s death in 1976 everyone admitted it was a total failure. Mao blamed its failure of the “Gang of Four” before his death.

The “Green New Deal” is a top-down program that would require a total cultural change in the United States from the way we live, travel and even what we eat. We would have to give up much of our mobility in travel, including the current use of automobiles and even suggested air travel. Employment, wages and income would be determined by the government. This would in reality end up as total government control of our economy and lives the same way Mao envisioned.

The “Green New Deal’s” goal is to reduce greenhouse gases in 10 years. This would take a total transformation of our economy. One of the ways is the elimination of dependence on fossil fuel, which would include the use of coal. Some 34% of our electricity is generated by coal and another 15-30% by natural gas. The conversion to wind mills would consume millions of tons of steel for the towers. Each wind mill tower takes about 60 tons of steel. It takes over a ton of coal or coke to produce a ton of steel.

The average plug-in electric car uses about 4.4 kilowatts of electricity to drive one mile. That amounts to over a ton of coal to drive a plug-in car 10,000 miles.

Until we quit using coal and natural gas for electricity we are going the wrong way on the freeway of carbon-free driving. We would need a “Cultural Revolution.”

It has been also suggested we quit eating meat because cows produce methane gas when they fart. So, pass the meat! Or order bean burritos. ...

Kelly C. Niemi

Kelso, Wash.

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