Regarding the Sept. 4 Capital Press editorial, "Voters trying to get Brown's attention." I don't believe that is the voters' intention. Rather, they want to get rid of a bad apple.

Let's review some of the reasons.

• Our voter's rights were denied and we weren't given a chance to voice our opposition to a tax.

• Confiscating our kicker when state revenue exceeded the budget.

• Using emergency executive orders when there was no emergency — except for her goals.

• Trying to implement carbon control when it was declared a hoax, resulting in 31,000 scientists and engineers sending a petition to Congress urging them to disregard the Kyoto Protocols and any such future proposals as there is no scientific evidence that man's emissions of carbon dioxide and methane contribute to global warming and would be harmful to humans and the environment.

In addition, there are other scientists researching ice samples who found evidence of global warming in early times, surmising it is cyclical in nature.

• Passage of a bill to have medical personnel visit newborns and new adoptees to check their care and vaccinations. This appears to be a socialistic trend. It, also, is an insult to our intelligence.

• Implementing WOTUS (Waters of the U.S.), ignoring a Supreme Court ruling. It seems Oregon and other states are above the law.

• Issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. ...

• Are out-of-state donations to candidates acceptable? If they are, what price tag is attached?

There are many other issues concerning the citizens. They are tired of excessive taxation and voter's rights denied. We want good stewardship and accountability. 

No, we are not seeking Gov. Kate Brown's attention but we want to get rid of a bad apple and other apples who are abiding and abetting to implement their goals with this disregard for for us citizens, who pay all the bills.

Mrs. M.A. Novak

Yamhill, Ore.

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