I have locks on my doors. Why?

I have a fence around my property with gates located in chosen places. Why?

Do I really believe that these devices have the power to stop a potential invader of my space?

What are the old-sayings? “Locks are meant to keep honest people honest” and ”good fences make for good neighbors.” Truth is embedded in these sayings, but what about “might makes right?” Is it right for my own government to break down my door, or to crash my gates, or for that matter, to take my guns, when I have done absolutely nothing wrong? I think not and our United States Constitution agrees. Do you?

There is a group of people operating in this country (and throughout the world) who have an agenda to fundamentally change the concepts surrounding “individual rights” — and especially ”property-ownership rights.” They frame their argument under a central thesis that goes by the name of “communitarianism” and here’s the rationale: The planet is like a bubble and everything inside is limited. There is x-amount of land, x-amount of water, and x-amount of air, and all living things are forced to share quantifiably limited resources. Therefore, the “enlightened” amongst us must work together to destroy any ideology that supports the concept of “private-ownership.” These ideologies are archaic, obsolete, and destructive to the survival of the planet, and they must be destroyed wherever they exist. The United States of America (and its Constitution) is based on such ideologies and therefore must be destroyed...as it exists.

This is a huge undertaking and “it” is currently being executed on a global-basis. “It” is the reason for everything that seems insane concerning the far-left. Nancy Pelosi recently acknowledged her support for “it”. “It” has a name: ”Agenda 21.”

Are you willing to own “it”?

Todd Vaughn

Tiller, Ore.

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