No milk buyer will pay more than it has to in order to get the milk it needs.

The marketplace will never provide a profitable milk price for most dairy farmers when the milk supply exceeds profitable demand.

Only dairy farmers make the milk.

Only dairy farmers can or will make a profitable milk market yielding a profitable milk price.

Ask most existing co-op management what their purpose/job is and they will tell the co-op dairy farmer member owner it is to handle/dispose of the most milk possible.

This is not the primary purpose/job of co-op management.

The purpose/job of co-op management is not about milk, but rather about co-op dairy farmer members and preserving as many as possible by promoting a profitable milk price for as many co-op members as possible.

Dairy farmer co-op members can either continue to accept existing co-op management's goal of maximum milk production/processing/disposal and financially destroy each other OR share in balancing the co-op's milk supply with the profitable demand for the co-op's milk and dairy products.

The implementation of NDPO's co-op management policies will promote a shared, disciplined, profitable, national milk production and will balance the national milk supply with profitable demand and thereby obtain a sustainable, profitable milk price from the marketplace for as many dairy farmers as possible, regardless of size or location.

NDPO co-op management policies incorporate dairy farmer common sense for the common good.

To learn more, contact Mike Eby, NDPO Chairman, (717) 799-0057,, or like us on Facebook - National Dairy Producers Organization, or

Bob Krucker

Jerome, Idaho

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