Why do we continue to elect attorneys to public office? They are enough of a problem when in private practice. To add insult to injury, people re-elect them again and again. In Congress, we have a very high percentage of attorneys, and their rating is the lowest of all, even while they are criticizing the president. 

I believe there is a constitutional crisis. A single judge, who has not been elected by the people, can overrule the president.

Ag, which represents less than 2% of the people and feed the rest of the population, are being told what to do by people who have no ag background, and judges, who are left-leaning liberals and who have no clue. Therefore, in my opinion, we are their target.

When the state was going change how the hair salons were going to operate about 1,000 people showed up in Olympia, got their message across and changed things.

Ag is under attack in so many ways but they have a hard time expressing their frustrations, as it seems no one cares. 

When the environmentalists decided we need wolves, they did not ask the people who would be adversely affected by this stupidity. By the way, does anybody have the total costs? This should include the contract with Francine Madden for $1.6 million as a wolf consultant.

A study by Rod Haberle and Steve McLaughlin estimated the losses on a 200-cow herd would be $62,000 or more over one year. 

Why shouldn't this expense be paid by the environmentalists, who have so much money from suing everyone? Why is it that the wolves were not distributed evenly? The people who want them will never see them in their habitat.

Ag represent 13% of the economy, $51 billion in revenue and 164,000 jobs. Why would you cut off the arm that is feeding you?

On the other hand, Seattle once had a valve malfunction at the region's largest wastewater treatment plant and allowed 30 million gallons of raw sewage to run into Puget Sound — and another station had 330,000 gallons.

If this was a farmer he would be fined and probably put out of business. The dairy industry has and is being sued for contributing nitrates to the ground water. Our government has spent over $2 million studying and testing with no positive results, and there has never been a diagnosed health-related case in Yakima County?

I am an 83-year-old retired cattleman, and I'm  concerned for all farmers and ranchers — and this country.

Don Young

Sunnyside, Wash.

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