It is starting to look a lot like Chi-com Christmas. Did you know that Wal-mart, Cabellas-Bass Pro and Costco stores' inventories are around 40% Chinese imports? For you distance learners, that's 40 cents for every dollar you spend at these stores goes to the communist Chinese party.

Unfortunately, we are financing our own demise. Decoupling ourselves from China will be difficult but not impossible. If you don't think you can make a difference, you can, even if it's a small amount. Here's a few ways.

1. Look for "Made in America" tags. Look hard because the Chinese are very sneaky and dishonorable.

2. If you can't find what you want, be it Christmas or otherwise, give grocery cards. I realize that's not real personable, but everyone needs groceries.

3. Buy locally made products, i.e. from craft fairs, etc.

Smithfield is Chinese-owned, remember? They somehow weaseled their way into our nation's food supply. We don't need them anywhere in our food supply. USA agriculture is the best in the world. USA feeds most of the world including China. USA doesn't need them owning USA soil or anything to do with it. They'll steal our agriculture intelligence among other secrets that threaten USA agriculture industries.

They say they won't take ag imports from the USA. If so, we can send their volume to the rest of the world. We can use it to keep our allies healthy and free....

Also, the Chinese communist party is buying huge swaths of land around our military bases and tactical installations.

How did this happen? After what they did to the world with COVID and then try to hide it just shows how deceitful they are. We can't let this stand. Anybody or corporation who sold this property should be prosecuted for treason. We should take back all Chinese assets, forget about paying them back our debt, and stop doing anything with them other than keeping them in check.

It doesn't look like this new administration, if it is a new administration, is going to. Joe Biden is on record praising the Chinese communists except human rights, taking over Hong Kong and other small countries of which he will remain silent, just like Obama. Not to mention Hunter Biden being investigated for allegedly selling meetings with the Chinese for millions.

Remember 40 cents.

Chase Carlson

Coquille Ore.

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