The cap and trade legislation efforts to reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is a major mistake.

If you were able to marshal all of man's work on the planet to this cause, the result would be minimal compared to what nature does every day.

For example, the volcano in Iceland has put out more pollution in four days than we have been able to reduce in five years. It is still spewing.

A few years back a mountain in the Philippines called Mount Pinatubo spewed more pollution than all of the human race has in all its years on earth.

Just think, there are about 200 volcanoes spewing lava, ash or fumes somewhere in earth at any time.

If that isn't enough, think about the forest fires that rage around the earth. Some calculations were made a couple of years ago that the fires in Australia and the U.S. put out more carbon dioxide than three years of man's efforts to reduce it.

Let's stop this nonsense. It will cost everyone a lot of money and will change the situation very little.

Ken Anderson

Mine Geologist Engineer

Baker City, Ore.

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