We should applaud Sen. Boquist and his colleagues who opposed the corporation tax. They are good stewards concerned about the cares of us citizens and this state.

We citizens are being deceived and taken advantage of ... for monies needed for  schools, roads, etc. This corporation tax is, inadvertently, a sales tax. The corporations raise the price on their products, ending in us paying the tax. We also lost part of our kicker for these so-named expenses.

Where does all the money go?

Where's the money from the lottery?

Why are all the called-for monies ending up in the general fund?

Why isn't there a reliable disclosure of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report?

Why are able-bodied citizens benefiting from these taxes by receiving welfare?

There are other questions. Where are we and the state being led?

Oregon ranks highest in in state taxes. of all the Western states, surpassing California....

We are all being exploited by these legislators and officials who are not good stewards and who disregard any concerns for the citizens of the state. 

It's time for the sleeping giant to awaken and remove those legislators and officials.

Mrs. M.A. Novak

Yamhill, Ore.

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