The recent letter on climate change is wrong, contradicted by the evidence and literature, and harmful in its “remedies.” This is not the Pearl Harbor of climate change, and the American people have shown this by their actual behavior.

Recent weather events, hurricanes, storms, fires, droughts, floods and earthquakes, are not caused by climate change or global warming. No responsible scientist so believes, and none are cited: only one opinion poll which does not show this, but that some of the public supposedly wants energy companies regulated by a carbon tax and believe that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.

They are wrong. One poll does not a summer make, much less a connection between extreme events and “climate change.” Even the numbers are misstated. If only 86 of the 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, most sensitive to the public, sign on to those positions, that means that most of Congress rejects this position.

Marc Morano’s 2018 book on Climate Change (pp. 189-214) well summarizes the literature on real scientific opinion on whether recent extreme weather events are caused by “climate change” or “global warming” — they are not. The actual science and history is that extreme climate events are, if anything, less in recent years — there are no worsening trends, and none caused by the rise in carbon dioxide levels. NOAA (The National Oceanic & Atmosphere Administration) stated in 2017 that there was no detectable connection, and many other responsible scientists have stated the same.

This is not Pearl Harbor. This is another example of the boy crying “wolf.” If such predictions were correct, the world would have long since been destroyed by Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change or the destruction of forests caused by all the trees cut to print their false statements.

Alan L. Gallagher

Canby, Ore.

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