I usually agree with the editorials of the editorial board in the Capital Press, but the last sentence of their view in the July 20, 2018, article where in their opinion, justice has been served on the Hammond Case, missed the mark by a mile. To say justice was served by President Trump’s pardon is to forget what good people suffered through.

A pardon does not take away the years in prison, a place to punish bad people for crimes they committed, not a place for a government to put good people to show them who is boss. The pardon did not give back the $400,000 penalty or what I am sure was a huge legal bill to try and defend themselves. We should also never forget a good man died trying to expose the injustice being imposed on good people.

This injustice by our government is the perfect example of what our founding fathers knew was possible and gave us the ability to limit provided we have the wisdom and the will to do it.

This was not justice in my United States of America that I grew up in. You can take an aspirin to get over a migraine but you still had the headache.


Phil Davis


Cascade, Idaho

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