Capital Press, Sept. 21, issue reports that because the cranberry supply of recent years, including this year’s crop, has exceeded profitable demand and prices have fallen below the cost of production for many farmers, USDA has ordered a second cut in cranberry production this year, directing larger cranberry handlers to withhold 25 percent of the fruit they receive this year.

Dairy farmer member-owned co-ops handle 80 percent of the milk produced in the U.S., most of which exceeded profitable demand and was sold below the cost of production for most dairy farmers.

Why do dairy farmer co-op management fail to reduce pro-rata, across-the-board among all co-op members, the acceptance of milk for processing as a “volume-control measure to stabilize prices” for dairy farmers as the cranberry industry has asked USDA to implement for their cranberry farmers?

The answer is the existing management of dairy farmer member-owned co-ops operate the dairy farmer co-ops not for dairy farmer member benefit but only for management’s benefit.

Politicians and government bureaucrats follow the bidding of existing dairy farmer co-op management and their minions, NMPF, IDFA, USDEC, etc.; and promote actions that only benefit co-op management NOT the dairy farmer milk makers who are the co-op owners.

Dairy farmer: it is time for a change! It is time for new co-op management policies and/or new hired hands!

The implementation of NDPO’s 4 co-op management policies will help dairy farmers to share in properly managing the milk they make so that the milk supply is balanced with profitable demand thereby generating a profitable milk price for as many dairy farmers as possible, regardless of size or location.

To learn more about NDPO’s co-op management policies and milk supply program which will benefit dairy farmers in the form of a sustainable, profitable milk price, contact Mike Eby, NDPO Chairman, (717) 799-0057,, or like us on Facebook - National Dairy Producers Organization, or

Bob Krucker

Jerome, Idaho

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