In regards to a the recent letter in Readers’ Views the author challenges the science behind global warming, and in fact labels proposed legislation to combat global warming as a clear case of politically correct politics.

I can understand the average citizen not appreciating the science and hard facts behind the challenges of global warming. The real ecological damage and global challenges that rising sea levels, ocean acidification, loss of polar ice sheets, increasing droughts and flooding will present are not pleasant or easy for most folks to embrace.

Science can predict within fractions of a second when and where a full solar eclipse will occur years in advance. I find it interesting that when science predicts the real dangers of rising carbon dioxide levels, there are a lot of smart, well-meaning people who find it easier to disregard the hard science.

I believe most everyone wants to do the right thing for their families, communities and country. It is easy to understand how so many are misled by confusing stories and mis-information sowing doubt about the real challenges we face. The good news is that we can make a difference in our climate future.

Good policies can reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and grow our economy. The opportunity to own the future innovations that will drive our economy and protect our environment must not be lost. We do not want China to out innovate us in these new technologies! Vision and sound leadership are needed now more than ever for everyone’s benefit.

I wish we could just label things we don’t want to be true as fake news or fake science, but in the end, the facts are the facts.

David Nemarnik

Sherwood, Ore.

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