RE: “Washington drought losses estimated at $336M — and counting” (Capital Press, Jan 8). The drought is one more symptom that we have a warming planet due to our greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels.

We had cherries poaching on the trees and grapes “raisining” on the vine. Record heat did scorch fields, as you report, and most of us did suffer damage to crops with lower quality and yields.

The Feb. 5 special “Water” edition reported on water-saving techniques. Our agricultural extension services are offering Climate Smart agriculture adaptation workshops through USDA Climate Hubs. The one in Montana was well attended by the Montana Farm Bureau, Farmers Union, Stockgrowers, Grain Growers, extension specialists and others who learned about basic climate science from climate scientists and policy options from former Congressman Bob Inglis, R-S.C.

The best policy is the Carbon Fee and Dividend. It places a steadily rising fee on carbon at the source (mine, well, port of entry) and returns 100 percent of the revenue as a monthly dividend check to all legal U.S. citizens. It’s designed to unleash market forces to help our nation transition off of fossil fuels and onto renewables through innovative technologies, like New Holland’s NH2 Tractor over two to three decades. It includes a border tariff adjustment to rebate ag exporters.

Fortunately, a bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus has formed in the House of Representatives. It seeks to bring both parties together to address climate change.

Urge your congressman to support the Carbon Fee and Dividend and to take action to mitigate climate change now.

Alexandra Amonette

Richland, Wash.

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