This information is so that your most recently expressed opinions are more consistent with reality. Opinions without knowledge lack substance.

You are apparently calling Canada’s previously existing tariffs “fair” and imply that Trump’s tariff treatment of other countries is outrageous. We have been thrown under the bus for years and years. A 100 percent tariff by any other country is outrageous. Canada’s tariff on dairy has been more like 250 percent — and your editorial indicates that having a response to that is unacceptable. Trade war? They started a trade war years ago with these tariffs. Why didn’t we respond sooner? Most of the dairies in Western Washington are long gone.

Have you noticed our balance of trade? Deficit spending? Unequal trade agreements function just like a tax — on U.S. citizens. Haven’t you noticed people begging on street corners?

Let’s put America first! Your editorial is off-kilter.

Mike Hamilton

Camas, Wash.

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