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Bryson Price (left) and Joe Matteo (right) are judging the soil for the Career Development Event.  Both Joe and Bryson placed in the top ten of the competition.

On Tuesday, October 8, the Umpqua FFA District held the District Soils Judging Career Development Event in Glide, Oregon.

Soils Judging is a competition that helps students learn about the importance of soil science, and how it relates to growing crops, and other things relating to soil. The Sutherlin FFA Chapter was in strong attendance, with both the beginning and advanced teams placing first out of seven teams.

Sutherlin FFA qualifies for the state level competition on October 15.

Individuals earning top ten individual include: Ambrose Brower (1st), Joe Matteo (2nd), Tessa Franklin (3rd), Heather Brown (4th), Taylor Brooke (8th), Christina Moody (9th), and Priscilla Medina (10th). On the beginning side, we had nine of the top ten individuals including: Trace Miller (1st), Ariel Taylor (2nd), Davey McKinney (3rd), Bryson Price (4th), Tommy Ghasedi (5th), Damon Yarbrough (6th), Karly Brewer (7th), Colby Hobgood (8th), and Jeremiah Bean (10th). Overall, it was a good day with strong representation for Sutherlin FFA!

Sutherlin FFA is a student-led organization, and is part of the National FFA Organization. FFA teaches students leadership skills. It is an integral part of Agriculture Education, combining agriculture with high school curriculum, as well as teaching students the skills they will need for the rest of their lives.

Sutherlin FFA strives to help students develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.

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