Ten officers from the Imbler FFA Chapter took the ride of their lives, learning how to fuel their lives and team with positive energy in Jon Gordon’s book The Energy Bus.

Riley Merrigan, Eli Bowers, Jacey Teeter, Brea Harris, Ellissa Durning, Hannah Haefer, Clint Porter, Hailee Patterson, Rachel Sauer, and Tyler Bales went on an officer’s retreat with their FFA Advisor, JD Cant, to Hells Canyon this summer. There they studied Gordon’s five rules to have the ride of their lives: create a positive vision; fuel your ride with positive energy; no energy vampires allowed; love your passengers, and most importantly, enjoy the ride!

The ten FFA officers also planned out a chapter schedule of this year’s community service, meetings, and fun activities that they plan on doing, like their cider press in October, and FFA week in February.

Aside from the planning, and teachings, the officers did many team building activities that helped them become closer to one another. Before leaving La Grande, the FFA officers were challenged to plan out their menu for the weekend, down to the ingredients that would be needed for each meal, and purchase the food, without the guidance of Mr. Cant.

They were very successful with this task, so Cant threw another challenge at them as soon as they made it to the campgrounds at Hells Canyon. The team had to set up their own tents while Mr. Cant prepared his trailer and lesson plans for the weekend.

Pitching a tent sounded easy enough they thought; however, once the girls began to put up their house tent, they realized that there were no instructions and had no idea what they were doing, while the boys were easily pitching their simple tent. Thankfully, after watching the girls struggle for a good 20 minutes, the boys decided to step in and help in assembling the complex tent.

Forty-five minutes later, after taking the tent apart twice, and trying five different ways to put it together, the officers finally got the tent standing on its own. Utilizing ten different brains strategies and thought processes the team again succeeded, this time in a more challenging task.

Between studying Gordon’s five rules, planning, and team building exercises, the FFA officers had the chance to go boating with the Tritchka family of Imbler and had a blast!

While being pulled on the tubes, they really learned a lot about one another, like how competitive Mr. Cant really is, when he kept trying to flip everyone’s tubes, or how Hannah was going to die by stubbing her toe on a rock and drowning in the future. But those made for the best pictures, laughs and memories. Everything the officers did on their retreat brought them closer to one another.

The officers are prepared and already working to make this FFA year the best one yet and, hopefully, the best officer team Imbler has seen.

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