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Oregon hazelnut industry targets domestic markets

Oregon hazelnut industry officials are pushing for greater markets in the U.S., especially as the number of mature orchards is expected to double in the next three to four years. Read more

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Growers hope new pear is a Gem

Diamond Fruit Growers of Hood River, Ore., hopes to debut Gem, a new pear variety, in limited volume in grocery stores next fall. Read more

Pear Bureau coupons go digital

While vastly outspent in domestic promotions by other produce like mandarins, grapes and avocados, Pear Bureau Northwest is reaching millennials with digital coupons, social media and partnering in prepared meals. Read more

River advocate: Removing dams won't help orcas, environment, economy

LEWISTON, Idaho — Removing four dams from the Snake River won't help orcas, salmon, the environment or the economy, the head of the Pacific… Read more

NW Ag Show: Farmer Mac economist analyzes regional outlook

Ryan Kuhns, an economist with Farmer Mac, conducted a S.W.O.T. analysis for Northwest agriculture — that's strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats — during a presentation at the Northwest Ag Show in Salem, Ore. Read more

Ag labor bill needs guestworker reform, employers say

A new Democratic ag worker bill is a good start but needs a guestworker component, ag association leaders say. Read more

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