Fresh Russet Potato Market Report

Jan. 9

Shipping Area FWA Chg GRI Chg 70 ct  Chg 10# Film   Chg
Wisconsin 20.56 0.0011.880.0027.000.0018.500.00
Idaho Norkotahs13.43-0.305.65-0.2317.000.0011.00-0.50
Columbia Basin16.12-0.327.36-0.2021.000.0013.000.00
 San Luis Valley18.960.0011.110.0024.000.0017.000.00
 Idaho Burbanks 13.71-0.23 5.54-0.14 17.00 0.00 11.00-0.50

Market Commentary: Russet table potato prices in Idaho and the Columbia Basin declined last week. Shipments are back up to pre-holiday levels.

Notes: Prices are Friday mostly quotes. All prices are in dollars per cwt. FWA is a weighted average of shipping point prices for common packs in each area. Weights differ by area. GRI is the Grower Returns Index for each individual area, on a delivered to packing shed basis. Idaho GRIs are based on a 60% packout for Burbanks and a 75% packout for Norkotahs.