May 30

Shipping Area FWA Chg GRI Chg 70 ct  Chg 10# Film   Chg
San Luis Valley$21.98-$0.30$13.85-$0.26$31.00$0.00$18.50-$0.50
Idaho Burbanks $15.38$0.00$6.63$0.00$25.00$0.00$11.50$0.00
 Columbia Basin $19.90 $0.80 $9.79 $0.49 $27.00 $1.00 $15.00$0.00

Market Commentary: Packers at various shipping points are making minor Russet price adjustments to balance consumer pack and carton supplies.

Notes: Prices are Friday mostly quotes. All prices are in dollars per cwt. FWA is a weighted average of shipping point prices for common packs in each area. Weights differ by area. GRI is the Grower Returns Index for each individual area, on a delivered to packing shed basis. Idaho GRIs are based on a 60% packout for Burbanks and a 75% packout for Norkotahs.

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