Washington-Oregon (Columbia Basin)

Weekly Hay Report

May 15

Tons:  1100    Last Week:  2525    Last Year:  4675                                                         

     Compared last Friday, All grades of Domestic Alfalfa new crop steady in a 
light test. Exporters still have old crop Alfalfa and Timothy to work thru. 
Trade remains slow this week and expected to stay slow till new crop. Demand 
remains light to moderate. Rain showers over the trade area is slowing 
marketing. Feed store/retail steady. All prices are dollars per ton 
and FOB the farm or ranch unless otherwise stated.  

                             Tons      Price     Wt. Avg    Comments
    Mid Square                                                                 
      Premium                 400 175.00-175.00 175.00     Tarped            

    Small Square                                                               
      Premium                 200 230.00-230.00 230.00     Retail/Stable     
                              400 175.00-175.00 175.00     Tarped            

  Timothy Grass                                                                
    Small Square                                                               
      Good/Premium            200 220.00-230.00 225.00     Old Crop          

  Wheat Straw                                                                  
    Small Square                                                               
      Good/Premium            300   80.00-80.00    80.00     Tarped            
Oregon Weekly Hay Report

May 15

Compared to May 08:  Prices trended generally steady compared to last 
report's prices in a very limited test.  Growers are reporting that due to 
dairies having to dump milk, demand for dairy hay is down significantly.  
Many growers are sold out for the year.                                                           

Tons:  42    Last Week:  108    Last Year:  284             

Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson, Wasco Counties:                
                       Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg         
  Orchard Grass                                             
    Small Square                                            
      Good                7  250.00-250.00  250.00          

Lake County:                                                
                       Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg         
    Large Square                                            
      Supreme            35  195.00-195.00  195.00          

Eastern Oregon: No New Sales Confirmed.                     
Harney County: No New Sales Confirmed.                      
Klamath Basin: No New Sales Confirmed.                      
Idaho Weekly Hay Report

May 15

Tons:  1970    Last Week:  5200    Last Year:  300                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Compared to last Friday, Export Premium Alfalfa steady in a light test. 
Trade remains slow. Demand remains slow with producers and exporters facing more 
than normal of last year’s winter kill on new seeding forcing them to replant. 
Exporters continue to ship product every day. Dairies remain nonaggressive for 
new purchases as milk price continues to falter. Retail/Feed store not tested 
this week. Prices are dollars per ton and FOB the farm or ranch unless otherwise 
                       Tons      Price           Wt. Avg    Comments
    Mid Square                                                                 
      Good                     75 155.00-155.00 155.00                       
                              575 167.00-167.00 167.00     Export            

      Premium/Supreme         325 120.00-120.00 120.00     New Crop          
      Good/Premium            330 120.00-120.00 120.00     New Crop          
      Fair/Good               345 120.00-120.00 120.00     New Crop          
      Utility/Fair            320 120.00-120.00 120.00     New Crop       
California Hay Report

May 15

Compared to last week:  Trade activity moderate on moderate demand.  
According to the NASS Crop Progress report May 11, 2020, in Tulare 
County, winter planted wheat, oats and barley were maturing.  In other 
areas, winter small grains including wheat were being harvested for 
silage.  Winter wheat was being cut and dried for hay.  Alfalfa continued 
to be cut, dried and baled.  Rice planting continued in the Sacramento 
Valley.  Hay is reported FOB the stack or barn unless otherwise noted.  
Regions are defined at bottom of report. 

Tons:  9525    Last Week:  5430    Last Year:  7685                            

Region 1: North Inter-Mountain:                                                
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Good                     50  140.00-140.00  140.00                       
                              100  160.00-170.00  165.00    Retail/Stable     

Region 2: Sacramento Valley:                                                   
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Premium                 100  225.00-225.00  225.00    Retail/Stable     
      Good                    300  150.00-150.00  150.00    Organic Weedy          

Region 3: Northern San Joaquin Valley:                                         
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Supreme                 425  230.00-240.00  232.94                       
                              150  215.00-215.00  215.00 Del                   
      Premium                 500  170.00-170.00  170.00                       
      Good                     50  190.00-190.00  190.00                       
                              100  230.00-235.00  232.50 Del                   
      Fair/Good               300  190.00-190.00  190.00                       
                              100  195.00-200.00  197.50 Del                   
      Fair                    600  180.00-180.00  180.00                       
                              400  170.00-170.00  170.00 Del                   
  Rye Grass                                                                    
      Good                    400  110.00-110.00  110.00                       
      Good                    450  125.00-160.00  128.89                       
                               50  160.00-160.00  160.00    Retail/Stable     
      Good                    650  120.00-140.00  128.46                       
                              200  140.00-140.00  140.00    Retail/Stable     

Region 4: Central San Joaquin Valley: No New Sales Confirmed.
Region 5: Southern California:                                                 
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Premium                 125  279.00-279.00  279.00    Retail/Stable     
  Forage Mix-Three Way                                                         
      Good                     50  240.00-265.00  252.50    Retail/Stable     

Region 6: Southeast California:                                                
                             Tons   Price Range   Wtd Avg    Comments          
      Premium/Supreme        1600  195.00-195.00  195.00                       
      Premium                 500  180.00-180.00  180.00                       
      Good                   2500  165.00-170.00  168.60                       
The following are the counties included in each region: Region 1: Siskiyou, Modoc, Shasta, Lassen, and Plumas. Region 2: Tehama, Glenn, Butte, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba, Sierra, Nevada, Placer, Yolo, El Dorado, Solano, Sacramento, Amador, and Alpine. Region 3: San Joaquin, Calaveras, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Mono, Merced, Mariposa. Region 4: Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Inyo. Region 5: Kern, Northeast Los Angeles, and Western San Bernardino. Region 6: Eastern San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial.

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