Washington-Oregon (Columbia Basin)

Weekly Hay Report

Aug. 21

Hay: 9620 tons

Compared to last Friday, not enough reported trades last week for accurate trends. Trade light to moderate with a few exporters off the market. Demand light to moderate. High testing Alfalfa remains strong for dairy interests. Some exporters still have carryover Timothy from last year unsold. Pacific Rim countries are dealing with large stockpiles on docks of both new crop and old crop supplies. Retail feedstore hay steady in a light test. Please Note: The above volumes (tonnage, acres, and bales) listed are for confirmed trades only, it does not include estimated volume (tonnage) for bids or offers to the trade.

Comment Tons Price

Hay (Conventional)

Alfalfa Supreme 1000 220.00

Alfalfa Premium 100 230.00

Alfalfa Good/Premium 2000 165.00

Alfalfa Good 1500 180.00

Alfalfa Fair/Good 1800 165.83

Timothy Grass Good 100 250.00

Timothy Grass Fair 1320 213.64

Bluegrass 250 75.00

Oregon Weekly Hay Report

Aug. 21

Hay:1979 tons

Comment Tons Price

Crook/Deschutes/Jefferson/Wasco Counties

Alfalfa Premium 50 240.00

Orchard Grass Premium 10 275.00

Orchard/Timothy Premium 25 245.00

Alfalfa Premium 430 175.00

Alfalfa Good 130 175.00

Alfalfa Supreme 1150 210.00

Mix-Four Way Good/Premium 33 138.00

Alfalfa Prem/Supr/Org 1 220.00

Idaho Weekly Hay Report

Aug. 21

Hay: 8400 tons

Compared to last Friday, Good Alfalfa and Timothy for export steady to weak. Trade moderate with moderate demand. Washington based hay exporters are receiving Timothy on consignment to be priced at a later date.

Comment Tons Price

Alfalfa Good 600 130.00

Alfalfa Good 3500 135.00

Timothy Grass Fair 700 200.00

Timothy Grass Utility/Fair 750 70.00

California Hay Report

Aug. 21

Hay: 10820 tons

Compared to last week: Trade activity moderate on moderate demand. According to the NASS Crop Progress report Aug. 17 in Tulare County, harvested fields were being disked and planted for silage or other forage crops. Silage corn continued to grow at a steady rate, with an increase in irrigation. Alfalfa was maturing and continued to be harvested. Bean fields continued to flower. Cotton plants were blooming and underwent weed control. In Fresno County, alfalfa was harvested. In the Sacramento Valley, rice was progressing well, as warmer nights were contributing to crop maturity and harvest is expected to begin by the middle of September. Sunflower and safflower continued to be harvested.

Central San Joaquin Valley

Alfalfa Fair/Good 1300 169.23

Alfalfa Supreme 195.00

Alfalfa Premium 1050 202.86

Alfalfa Premium 550 200.00

Alfalfa Good 300 165.00

Alfalfa Fair 300 140.00

Brome Grass Premium 100 220.00

Sacramento Valley

Alfalfa Premium 100 220.00

Alfalfa Fair/Good 270 190.00

Orchard Grass Premium 100 260.00

Alfalfa Premium 150 255.00

Alfalfa Fair/Good 150 255.00

Forage Mix-Three Way Good 25 240.00


Alfalfa Premium 275 180.91

Alfalfa Fair/Good 1500 146.67

Alfalfa Fair/Good 3000 150.00

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