Daily California Eggs

Sept. 6

Benchmark prices are steady. Asking prices for next week are 8 cents lower for Jumbo, 6 cents lower for Extra Large and Large and 3 cents lower for Medium. Trade sentiment is lower to sharply lower. Offerings are heavy. Retail demand is light to moderate. Food service movement is moderate. Warehouse buying interest is hand-to-mouth as those operators await further market adjustments. Supplies are usually moderate to closely balanced. Market activity is slow. Small benchmark price 86 cents.


Shell egg marketer’s benchmark price for negotiated egg sales of USDA Grade AA and Grade AA in cartons, cents per dozen. This price does not reflect discounts or other contract terms.

Jumbo 182 Extra Large 165

Large 161 Medium 106

Southern California:

Prices to retailers, sales to volume buyers, USDA Grade AA white eggs in cartoons, delivered store door, cents per dozen.

Jumbo 174-186 Extra Large 152-159

Large 146-155 Medium 92-101

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