Fluid Milk and Cream — Western U.S.

July 3

     California milk output is still low. Weather conditions have been a bit cooler in the past
     days, but they have not yet impacted milk production. Milk loads are barely enough to
     satisfy all customers' needs. However, with some plants closing for the holiday, supplies
     will most likely balance out. Milk output keeps on dropping in Arizona with the persistent
     hot temperatures reported. Because of ongoing downtimes at several processing plants in the
     upper Southwest, more milk is moving from that region to Arizona for processing. Plant
     managers expect manageable milk supplies during the holiday and do not foresee the need to
     run the churns. Class I demand is trending down with the schools' summer programs preparing
     to close on Thursday. Milk supplies are trending down in New Mexico. Class I and II intakes
     have declined due to several plant managers preparing to shut down for the 4th of July. On
     the other hand, Class III absorbed most of the milk that was not used by Class I and II,
     bouncing intakes up. Class IV demand has also improved this week. As so, milk holdovers are
     currently low. In the Pacific Northwest, milk supplies are plentiful to satisfy the needs of
     all customers. In recent days, milk production has been a bit higher as climatic conditions
     were comfortable for cows. Nonetheless, component levels are trending somewhat lower. Milk
     demand from bottlers has decreased with the holiday near the corner. The expectation is that
     milk handling will be manageable for the rest of the week. In the mountain states of Idaho,
     Utah and Colorado, milk production continues to be strong post spring. Cooler temperatures
     have helped in keeping milk yield at higher levels, especially in Idaho. Processing is
     taking place at full capacities, and it will be even busier toward the end of this week with
     additional holiday milk balancing. Some spot loads of milk are available at discounted
     prices. Condensed skim is more available in the West, and more of it will go to the dryers
     to help with milk balancing. The cream market is mixed with some reports of both higher and
     lower multiples. Market quietness is noted at certain localities, while at others it was
     still very active at the beginning of the week. However, during the holiday, sales will slow
     down because many dairy plants will be closed. Cream multiples are within the range of 1.12-
     1.29, up 0.01 at the top of the range from last week.

     Western U.S., F.O.B. Cream
     Multiples Range - All Classes:               1.1200 - 1.2900

     Information for the period July 1 - 5, 2019, issued weekly

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     National Retail Report Dairy ± Fluid Milk Summary
     Advertised Prices at Major Retail Supermarket Outlets ending during the
     period of 6/28/19 to 7/04/2019

     Half Gallon, All Fat Tests               Weighted Average Price
     National                          This Period       Last Week      Last Year
      Conventional                        $1.97            $1.35          $2.86
      Organic                             $4.08            $4.47          $4.19

     Regional (Conventional)            Wtd. Ave.           Low            High
     Northwest                            $0.99            $0.99          $0.99

     Regional (Organic)                 Wtd. Ave.           Low            High
     Northwest                            $4.39            $4.39          $4.39
     Southwest                            $3.80            $3.49          $3.99

     Gallon, All Fat Tests                    Weighted Average Price
     National                          This Period       Last Week      Last Year
      Conventional                        $2.54            $2.70          $3.31
      Organic                             $5.00            $5.81          $6.99

     Regional (Conventional)             Wtd. Ave.          Low            High
     Southwest                            $1.99            $1.99          $1.99

     Regional (Organic)                 Wtd. Ave.           Low            High
     Northwest                            $5.00            $5.00          $5.00

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