Fluid Milk and Cream — Western U.S.

Oct. 15

Farm milk production is steadily increasing in California. Milk intakes are more than enough to meet most dairy processing needs. In fact, due to the improved demand for cheese, some Class III processors are operating their facilities at full capacity, which has helped balance substantial volumes of raw milk.

Meanwhile, milk shipments into Class I are generally steady, with some sporadic bottlers’ requests for seasonal eggnog production.

In Arizona, farm milk production is constantly improving, as dairy cows have cooler temperatures and longer nights to recover. The butterfat and protein components in the milk continue improving every week. Class I sales have become more active as more schools continue to open full-time.

In New Mexico, farm milk yields are steady to up. With the slow but steady reopening of food service and the help from the government food box program, milk sales into cheese processing continue to be strong.

Pacific Northwest milk production is steady. Manufacturers are getting as much milk as they need for processing. Mild temperatures are present, creating favorable cow comfort conditions. Retail and institutional bottling demand varies slightly week to week, but overall bottling demand is stable.

Solid milk production continues in the mountain states of Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. Processors report having plenty of milk for most manufacturing needs. In Idaho, some discounted spot milk loads are still available. Farmers have not had any major weather concerns that may affect milk production, but several major fires are degrading air quality in Northern Colorado dairy areas.

Across the west region, condensed skim milk volumes are readily available for seasonal ice cream processing, as well as for NDM production.

For some processors throughout the region, the availability of cream supplies ranges from relatively affordable to tight. Nevertheless, regional butter making remains very active as several churners are running operations at full capacity. Cream multiples for all Classes are steady from last week.

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