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St. Joseph, Mo.

Jan. 10


This Week Last Week Last Year

312,900 294,000 477,400

No recent price comparison due to the last couple weeks of holiday-shortened receipts, however, there was a higher undertone noted from the last fully reported markets.

Demand was reported as good to very good depending on how long ago the latest local auction had occurred while cattle feeders and order buyers were geared up and ready to buy cattle.

As tradition goes, the first full week of the New Year brought a lot of cattle to town. The supply of feeders was heavy with many load lots and big strings of reputation cattle consigned throughout the country.

Picking out highlights was difficult as there was a multitude of impressive sales nationwide. On Wednesday at Burwell (NE) Livestock Market, a part load of 808 lb steers sold at 170.00, while on Tuesday at Kingsville (MO) Livestock Auction, three loads of 840 lb steers sold at 166.10.

Grazing cattle are still in demand as well. On Wednesday at Green City (MO) Livestock, a half load of 530 lbs steers sold at 214.25 or near $1150.00 per head.

The weather has become much more winter like now and the ground has finally frozen up making the ride in the feed truck a rough one. A few locations had minor issues getting cattle out of the country last week but for the most part weather didn’t cause any major transportation issues.

The CME Cattle Complex suffered losses this week with the front month February Live contract being 2.375 lower on the week. The Feeder Cattle contracts experienced even further losses with the soon-expiring January contract 4.775 lower and the March being 3.275 lower for the week.

Packers leveraged lighter harvest schedules against the negotiated market and negotiated live trading of fed cattle in the Southern Plains sold steady to 2.00 lower from the previous week at 136.00 to 138.00, while dressed sales in Nebraska sold steady to 2.00 lower at 220.00.

Cutout prices saw an uptick in prices this week even with slaughter curtailed somewhat. Choice boxed beef closed the week 6.56 higher at 271.82, while Select was 2.87 higher at 261.10 for the same period. Weekly Cattle Slaughter under federal inspection estimated at 620K for the week, 83K more than last week, and 32K less than a year ago.

Auction volume this week included 60 percent weighing over 600 lbs and 40 percent heifers.

Northwest Weighted Average Direct Feeder Cattle

Weekly Summary WA-OR-ID-UT

Jan. 7


This Week Last Week Last Year

201 3867 1680

Compared to last week: No Current FOB trades last week for a trend. Demand moderate. Supply included: 100% Feeder Cattle (61.2% Steers, 38.8% Heifers). Feeder cattle supply over 600 lbs was 85%. Unless otherwise noted, Feeder Cattle prices FOB based on net weights after a 8% shrink or equivalent, with a 2 cent slide >600 lbs. and 2 cent slide <600 lbs. Livestock reported this week originated from ID, OR.

Steers — Medium and Large 1

30 Head: 650 lbs, 154.00 Current DEL

23 Head: 800 lbs, 148.00 Current DEL

70 Head: 875 lbs, 144.00 Current DEL

Heifers — Medium and Large 1

30 Head: 575 lbs, 148.00 Current DEL

48 Head: 605 lbs, 142.00 Current DEL

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