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St. Joseph, Mo.

Dec. 13


This Week Last Week Last Year

383,500  369,600  321,000

Compared to last week, steers and heifers sold steady to 3.00 lower. With the holidays and end of the year fast approaching, many auction barns had heavy runs this week as marketing opportunities will be limited after next week. Demand was moderate to good in most regions as cattle feeders look to fill orders to take advantage of the market reflected in the 2020 CME Live cattle contracts.

Demand for yearlings continues to be strong. Negotiated cash trade developed on Thursday this week in Kansas with live sales trading steady at 119.00. The bulk of live and dressed trade thus far for the week in Nebraska was at 119.00 and 190.00 respectively, with live sales in the Western Cornbelt ranging from 118.00-120.00.

However, some northern producers continue to pass current bids. Some areas of the central plains have moisture in the forecast over the weekend into the beginning of next week which is desperately needed in winter wheat country. Steer carcass weights for week ending Nov. 30, 2019 were unchanged compared to the previous week at 911 lbs; 12 lbs above a year ago.

Daily cattle slaughter estimates were back in the 121,000-122,000 range this week with the estimated cattle slaughter for the week reported at 662,000, 17,000 less than last week and 8,000 higher than a year ago.

Futures screens turned green on Friday in reaction to reports of the completion of Phase One US/China trade deal. For the week December CME Live Cattle contacts were up 2.17 to settle at 122.37 with February up 2.57 to settling at 127.55. January CME Feeder Cattle contacts were up 4.12 on the week to settle at 145.67 with March contracts up 4.57 to settling at 146.25.

On the week, Choice cutout closed 8.27 lower at 216.29, while Select was 3.06 lower at 204.24; putting the Choice-Select spread at 12.05. Auction volume this week included 42 percent weighing over 600 lbs and 41 percent heifers.

Northwest Weighted Average Direct Feeder Cattle

Weekly Summary WA-OR-ID-UT

Dec. 13


This Week Last Week Last Year

1,245 1,182 1,588

Compared to last week: Feeder steers and heifers to lightly tested on current FOB basis for a trend. Demand moderate. Supply consisted of 91 percent over 600 lbs. and 32 percent heifers. Unless otherwise stated prices are FOB weighting points with 2-3 percent shrink or equivalent and a 5-10 cent slide on calves and a 4-12 cent slide on yearlings from base weights. Current sales are up to 14 days delivery.

Feeder Steers Medium and Large 1

120 Head: 875 lbs, 136.92 Current FOB

50 Head: 600 lbs, 153.00 Current Del

112 Head: 673 lbs, 144.57 Current Del

97 Head: 712 lbs, 148.67 Current Del

24 Head: 760 lbs, 147.00 Current Del

205 Head: 830 lbs, 142.04 Current Del

240 Head: 875 lbs, 139.00 Current Del

Feeder Heifers Medium and Large 1

96 Head: 615 lbs, 136.75 Current Del

97 Head: 660 lbs, 136.64 Current Del

89 Head: 725 lbs, 137.46 Current Del

50 Head: 785 lbs, 144.00 Current Del

65 Head: 820 lbs, 136.00 Current Del

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