IRVINE, Calif. — Western Growers and Agritech New Zealand have agreed to share and accelerate development of agricultural technologies and help businesses in both countries access agricultural markets.

“We are currently facing a myriad of issues that are severely impacting agriculture and the production of food globally,” said Hank Gicias, Western Growers’ senior vice president of strategic planning, science and technology.

The agreement was announced Aug. 30.

Agritech New Zealand is a member-funded, ag-technology development organization. Its agreement with Western Growers provides in-market support for agtech companies in New Zealand.

It also allows New Zealand ag tech companies access to U.S. markets through Western Growers’ Center for Innovation and Technology in Salinas, Calif., and for U.S. ag-tech startups to access New Zealand.

Western Growers represents fresh produce farmers in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. Members and their workers provide half the nation’s fresh fruits, vegetables and tree nuts, including half of America’s fresh organic produce.

— Dan Wheat

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