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A popular idea floating around the vegan community is that we could solve the whole climate change dilemma (hoax) overnight if all the world’s vegan billionaires would donate a billion dollars…

Let me preface my remarks with the emphatic proclamation that, contrary to what some misguided people might think, I AM NOT A HOARDER!

Here are some classic holiday recipes from the folks at Gold Medal Flour.

We don’t have many mirrors in our home, for obvious reasons, but recently I saw a reflection of this stranger in the window of the hardware store.

Cowboys can be divided into three basic types: 1) Rodeo cowboys, 2) movie and TV cowboys and 3) real cowboys. (Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about urban cowboys and disco cowboys anymore.)

I swear, sometimes I think a lobotomized Suffolk sheep has more brains than our public servants. Have you seen the Forest Service latest answer to saving our national forests?

The price of ground beef has been in the news a lot lately as a representation of the cost of ongoing inflation. That put us in mind of quick family dishes that can be made with ground beef.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting tired of all this sustainability gobbledygook.

There’s lots of talk about how the beef industry needs more small processing plants to combat the power of the Big Four beef packers.