Do you live in Washington State and want to help protect our state from the Asian giant hornet? If so, you may be interested in becoming a citizen scientist by putting up a trap and reporting your trapping results to the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

This video will give you an overview of how to trap for Asian giant hornets: how to create a trap, what bait to use, how to service your trap weekly, and how to report your trapping results to WSDA.

These traps are intended to catch Asian giant hornet workers. They are unlikely to be around in large numbers before August. Therefore, we suggest that you start putting these traps up at the beginning of July to catch any early workers and keep them up through the end of October.

You can also find these trapping instructions online at

If you do not live in Washington State or British Columbia, we ask that you do not trap for Asian giant hornets. As of June 2020, only WA and B.C. have confirmed Asian giant hornet sightings. Putting up traps in other locations is not likely to be helpful and could harm native insects unnecessarily.

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