Your tractor has just plowed its last field, and you’re in the market for a quality used replacement. You want to put in a new crop, but you’re not sure which fertilizer is the right one for you. Your combine just broke down, and you need a part to keep it running.

Wish you had one place to go to support most of your agricultural, ranching or hobbyist needs? Look no further than your farmer-owned cooperative retailer.

A cooperative is a private business organization that is owned and controlled by the people who use its products, supplies and services. In the case of farmer-owned cooperative retailers, those people are farmers.

A majority of farmers belong to a farmer cooperative for good reason. They put money back into the hands of local farmers, ranchers and the businesses they own. They earn dividends based on their purchases and how well the cooperative performs.

Simply put, members are invested in the success of the farmer co-op.

“When you shop at a farm co-op you can be assured of a competitive source for farm supplies,” said Max Smith, General Manager of Ag West Supply. “They are committed to the agricultural community and helping farmers and ranchers grow.”

A farmer co-op retailer is more than just a storefront. If you’re trading up, they are the place to go to consign your equipment. They’re your resource for OEM parts, and employ expert technicians who can diagnose and repair your equipment. They may even stock veterinary supplies and apparel that can be worn on or off the farm.

Even if you’re not a member, you benefit from shopping at a farmer-owned cooperative retailer.

“Owners are neighbors who grow the crops, cultivate the lands and raise animals in similar environments to you,” said Smith. “They employ experienced staff who have the knowledge and appreciation to anticipate your questions and meet your needs.”

Farmer-owned co-ops give back in other ways, too. Many support their communities by sponsoring local events, causes and teams, proudly working side-by-side with your families at neighborhood events.

So the next time you need to replace equipment, locate a new part or need feed for your plants or animals, consider the benefits of patronizing your neighbor – your local farmer-owned co-op.

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